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The Great White Manager and the Sacred Earth by Cardinal is a personal account of the injustices facing the First Nations due to the overwhelming control of the dominant, immigrant culture. Cardinal’s words clearly express his anger at the mistreatment of his community, but when this text is compared to the Indian Act it provides a whole new understanding. The law does not properly protect these people; it takes away their responsibilities, their rights, all while trying to fit them into a system that does not match their culture. This act was drawn up by someone who has very little understanding of the Aboriginal beliefs and serves as an illustration to a lot of Cardinal’s points.
To begin, the existence of the Indian Act itself provides
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This created an inconsistency in beliefs and therefore a set of laws that didn’t relate to the people it was governing. It also left the First Nations at a disadvantage because the Indian Act gave the majority of the power to the writers, the only people this system functions correctly for.
Cardinal writes about how the white people have taken away the native population’s ability to be responsible for their own lives. They control their every action and when comparing this text to the Indian Act it is possible to see how true this comment is. In Section 5.1 the act claims that each person who is entitled to be registered under the act must be recorded and then in section 5.3 it claims that
“The Registrar may at any time add to or delete from the Indian Register the name of any person who, in accordance with this Act, is entitled or not entitled, as the case may be, to have his name included in the Indian
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After this, the Registrar will launch an investigation inwards and then their decision after that is final and conclusive. Section 14.3 discusses that it is possible to appeal the decision after six months but then a court makes the decision and if they feel unsure then the case is sent back to the registrar for further investigation. The Aboriginal population is under complete control of the Canadian government and the only one they can complain to is the government that is causing these injustices. Cardinal argues that “We are fodder for the various departments and agencies of the dominant society,” and this section of the Indian Act proves that to be true. They are completely at the mercy of these immigrant
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