Cardio Exercise Research Paper

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Stuck in a running rut? Although running is an effective and the go-to cardio exercise for

many, there are other ways to get a cardio burn without hitting the pavement or the

treadmill. Ditch the running and break a sweat at home or outdoors with these cardio

Jump Rope: Grab your jump rope and start skipping! A jump rope workout can burn up to 10

calories a minute and is also a great cardio alternative for when you travel and can’t make it

to the gym. Add in variations like double unders or criss-cross to take your workout to the

next level and make it more fun.

High Knees: Similar to running on the spot but with an oomph, high knees are a form of

lower body exercise that improves your speed and power. To perform the
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Keep in mind to always land softly when doing a tuck jump so as to not stress your

knee joints.

Squat Jumps: We all know squats are an essential for a sexy booty but why not add in a

jump for that extra dose of cardio. Oh, it sure burns but that’s how you know it’s good!

Remember to keep your shoulders back and down while keeping your back straight when in

the squat position.

Burpees: There’s a reason why burpees are on the list of exercises everyone hates. Burpees

are a full-body exercise that targets your arms, legs and core all at once, and gets your heart

rate up fast. So now you know what you need to do if you really want to sweat it out –


Boxing: Boxing is another amazing workout with cardiovascular benefits that targets your

entire body. It builds speed, strength, power, agility and coordination all at one go! What’s

more, while you’re getting your cardio fix, you’re learning self-defence as well. How about


Cycling: Sign up for a spin class or hop on a bicycle and pedal those calories away. It’s good

to change your workout routine once in a while to avoid hitting a plateau. Cycling puts
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