Cardio Workouts

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Cardio Workouts By taking fitness again this term, I feel that I have accomplished my goals that I set for myself and have gotten into a great routine I could try everyday over the summer. Now experienced exercising on mostly all the cardio machines, I am able to effortlessly exercise through a workout for thirty minutes or more. For a specific goal this semester, I have wanted to succeed on levels 5-10, and I have actually reached level 10 on many occasions. Level 10 is still obviously a challenge for me, but this just pushes me to continue. In time, I might even reach higher levels than this and I will strive to do so. Another goal of mine was to lose a few pounds by the time I finished this class. I believe this is a check off my…show more content…
I have definitely learned quite a lot when it comes to getting your body into proper condition. This fitness class taught me what it is like to be in shape and acquire the workouts I need to continue
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