Cardiology : The Essence Of Life

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The Essence of Life

Cardiology has always been known as merely the study of the functions and issues of the heart. However, cardiology is an extreme in depth topic that is overlooked by many. The journey of medicine began around 5000 years ago by Egyptians who were the first known people to record the practice of organized medicine. The practice of medicine has a lengthy and prestigious background that outlined the creation of the majority of specialties and fields in the medical world. Of these fields, cardiology seemed to have a major influence on upcoming physicians. Due to the necessity of survival that the heart possesses, cardiology gained popularity quickly from doctors to decipher the heart. As the heart has yet to be fully understood, the field of cardiology is very open to new innovative and creative minds. There is a brilliance that comes with medicine. There will never be a point in history in which medicine that advances cardiology or any other system within the body ceases to develop new and improved characteristics. Cardiovascular innovations in the surgical and medical field have vastly improved success in cardiothoracic procedures, patient recovery, and has saved the lives of countless people. A large abundance of the heart had been studied throughout ancient history that helped aid the basic understanding of cardiology. The original discoveries that correlated with the functions of the heart were founded by scientist William Harvey. “Harvey was a…

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