Cardiothoracic Internship

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With heart disease and lung cancer being the United States top two causes of death, Cardiothoracic surgeons are being challenged to Coke up with a solution that would improve life expectancy and the standard of living for thousands of patients across America and the world. Cardiothoracic surgery united the adrenaline rush of operations on a convulsing heart with the application of new innovative technology. Having an interest in both medicine and technology, Cardiothoracic surgery becomes a field of medicine that I would like to pursue a career in. The Cardiothoracic internship will provide me with invaluable experiences, skills and interactions with people in the career that would benefit me later in life.
Experience is exorbitantly important in the profession of medicine and surgery because it
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The advantage of already having a strong connection with successful people could and will open up door later in life that would normally be closed. Being able to meet and shadow people who understand the profession of medicine thoroughly, allows me to ask a questions concerning roles and responbilities of a surgeon and be mentored by a great and prestigious surgeon. The Cardiothoracic surgery is extraordinary. Its surgeons do procedures and have duties that is not shared by any other field and operate on some of the sickest patents, but they still have the ability to cause some of the most dramatic favorable outcomes. The community is supportive, talented ,and as a group are making a difference in the world. Young people like me that wan to pursue a career in the bright future of the specialty will benefit from the cardiothoracic internship because of the training it provides which will equip us with experiences, skills and interaction that will advance our
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