Cardiovascular Disease Is The Leading Cause Of Death For Men And Women

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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women and has an average of 610,000 casualties in the United States every year. This could be contributed to the fact that as adults, we tend to lead a very demanding lifestyle and constantly struggle through a never-ending to do list that diminishes the majority of our day. Inside our home, the office, events for the holidays, and perhaps even school, our responsibility to take care of ourselves doesn’t quite make the priority cutoff. For one thing, it is my understanding I’m supposed to exercise at least three times a week. About one in every three U.S. adults has reported that no leisure time was spent doing physical activity to which I can relate. The first hour and half of my day is driving to work where I’ll spend the next eight hours at a desk frantically trying to type away the minutes. Afterwards, I look forward to another hour and half heading home all the while thinking about what I can piece together for dinner. If it has been a really exasperating day, I turn to the convenience of a drive thru window. Not once do I consider what the instant macaroni and cheese will do to my cholesterol nor do I hesitate to ask for the super-sized number one. Quite frankly, I would take any shortcut available to me in order to spend a few quiet minutes sitting at home. The hard truth is that for the few minutes I’ve gained, I’ve potentially lost a few years as well. For the reason that I could not spare a few…
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