Cardiovascular Disease Research Papers

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The development of cardiovascular disease is heavily tied to lifestyle choices. For any individual, the alteration of dietary practices, smoking cessation, the implementation of physical activity, and proper management of stress and blood pressure can greatly reduce the severity of cardiovascular disease as well reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the first place. A few specific dietary changes people can make include: the reduction of saturated fats (such as animal fats), high cholesterol foods, and refined sugars in their diet, increasing the consumption of dietary fiber (which can capture and expel cholesterol from the body), and increasing the consumption of omega 3 fatty acids which are found in foods such as fish…show more content…
The program was organized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and engages multiple sectors and organizations to modify lifestyle practices. These include legislation as well as community outreach programs such as Health Corps, which offers hands on mentorship on diet management to schoolchildren. The Affordable Care Act also plays an important role, as the availability of insurance has allowed more people to seek care. This in turn has helped more people find out at an early stage that they are developing the symptoms of heart disease, sometimes at a stage in which they can modify lifestyle factors to minimize adverse consequences. Because employers are now responsible to some extent for providing insurance to employees, this has also served a valuable role as it has caused employers to become more concerned for the health of their employees. This has resulted in the rise of programs such as workplace wellness. This is a great concept as many people don’t have the time to exercise, and these programs provide this opportunity during work (such as during the lunch break). Many other countries have had a great deal of success with these programs, both for the employers as well as for the employees. One example is Canada, where workplace wellness is becoming a widespread phenomenon. The Canadian government has designated October as…show more content…
In this book, he outlined a number of structural developments that would help decrease the incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular disease. The main points of development Dr. Labarthe outlines include: policy and environmental change (such as pollution reduction), behavior change (lifestyle modification), risk factor detection and control, emergency care/acute case management (such as efficient emergency services), rehabilitation/long term case management, and lastly end of life care. He explains that development in these fields would be the best way to approach fighting cardiovascular disease. Dr. Lamberth points out that cardiovascular disease is on the rise as countries continue to industrialize because many of these developing nations are adopting western lifestyles and diets. In response, one of the first courses of action Dr. Labarthe prescribes includes “population based interventions”. He points out 4 specific interventions. The first is tobacco in which he points out change in the production and consumption of tobacco. He suggests doing this through means of control and advertising strategies, incentives to grow different crops, and taxes. This is one field where we have already been successful as a population. Smoking rates have continued to be in decline since 1980 and some states (such as California) have been
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