Cardiovascular Disease, The Major Problem Of New Zealand For Years Essay

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Cardiovascular Disease, the major problem in New Zealand for Years I. Introduction The heart is one of the most fragile organ in our body. Controls the blood circulation and the one responsible to carry oxygen to other parts organ. The heart has the most tiring job in our system. It never sleeps or take naps, it keeps on working to make us feel, alive. According to World Health Organization (2016), Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) are a number of disorders of the blood vessels in the heart. According to American Health Association (2015), the heart attack and stroke occur when there is a disruption or blockage of blood flow in the heart. When the blood flow is blocked, the part of the heart muscle supplied by the arteries dies. The main cause of this disruption is the building-up of fat deposits on the inner walls of the blood vessels. The main reason for the fat deposits build-up are the combination of different risk factors, such as tobacco use, excessive consumption of alcohol, overweight or obesity, and unhealthy diet. According to WHO (2016), globally CVDs are the number one cause of death and it usually takes place in low and middle-income countries. According to the Heart Foundation New Zealand (2015), CVD is still the leading cause of the mortality in this country, for a total of 30% deaths annually. Every hour and a half 90 people in New Zealand dies from heart disease. And every one of twenty New Zealanders are diagnosed with a heart disease. Reasons that there

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