Cardiovascular Disease With Vitamin D Deficiency

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Cardiovascular Disease with Vitamin D Deficiency Introduction Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. the primarily source of vitamin d is exposure to sunlight, and we can find the vitamin D naturally . Vitamin D2 is generally produced in humans from 7- dehydrocholecalciferol upon exposure to ultraviolet light. in addition vitamin D2 and D3 can metabolized by human body (Zhang & Naughton, 2008). However, highly prevalent of deficiency of vitamin D in the orarld spicially in United State. Vitamin D deficiency are present in as many as one third to one half of healthy middle-aged to elderly adults. inadequate sun exposure inadequate intake of food that high of vitamin D may causes of low 25-OH D levels ( Autier, Boniol, Pizot, & Mullie, 2013). Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a most prevalent disease in world population that causes the death through since the 1970s. CVD, which involve with heart, blood vessels or both. Cardiovascular disease imply that any disease that affects the cardiovascular system, such as cardiac, vascular diseases and peripheral arterial disease. There are number of factors that leading the CVD such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, smoking and aging (Tomey & windson, 2014). musculoskeletal system is the best characterized form of deficiency of vitamin, as well as cardiovascular system may affect by low vitamin D levels . Clinical studies suggest that there is a relationship between plasma renin activity and low vitamin D level (Holicki & chen, 2008).
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