Cardiovascular Diseases : A Global Health Challenge

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Cardiovascular diseases continue to be a lingering global health challenge (WHO, 2014) as well as in the United States (CDC, 2014). Major efforts are geared towards tackling this health challenge; reducing the disease burden, addressing the underlying factors, as well as the risk factors. Preventing the onset of cardiovascular disease is the best approach and education is the most formidable tool for achieving the best results. For some individuals, however, who already have cardiovascular diseases, treating and managing it, is the next best option and the tool for empowerment and proper management is education as well.
Cardiovascular diseases occur in many different forms, many of which can be prevented or treated with healthy lifestyle choices (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2014) and the tool for achieving this is by health education campaigns. Health education attempts to inform individuals and various populations and influence their behaviors towards healthier lifestyle choices aimed at an improved and healthier population (Minelli & Breckon, 2009). As identified in the preceding paper, certain behavioral factors contribute to cardiovascular diseases, they include; tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, high sodium/salt intake and harmful use of alcohol (WHO, 2014). Thus, the aim of this educational campaign is to influence the adoption of a healthy diet by reducing sodium content in food, as well as adopting physical activity (exercise) so as to reduce the
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