Cardiovascular Programming : Individuals With Cancer

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Shiloh Sumrall
EXS 218, Spring of 2015
Cardiovascular Programming; Individuals with Cancer
Cancer is a complex disease, but its main components must be understood to properly program effective cardiovascular training with the client in mind. The creation process of cancer initiates when there is damage to an individual’s DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) within normal cells. This damage leads to the formation of cancer cells. In a healthy cell whose DNA is undamaged, the cell grows and divides in uniform fashion to replace damaged or dying cells. With the presence of damaged DNA, newly created cancer cells provide issue, for they do not grow and divide normally. Cancer cells rapidly grow, divide and spread uncontrollably; this is the primary
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These processes eventually lead to a wide array of symptoms within the body that are important to understand for each client.
Due to cancer including over 100 different diseases it can cause almost any type of symptom through both direct and indirect mechanisms. The American Cancer Society lists the following as general symptoms that if persist for a long period of time and worsen, might be indicative of the presence of cancer, unexplained weight loss, fever, fatigue, pain and skin changes such as itching, excessive hair growth, hyperpigmentation, jaundice and reddened skin. These symptoms, due to their wide variety, aren’t expected to solely lead to an individual diagnosis.
Physicians can perform tests on DNA, RNA and cell proteins to determine if cancer is present within the body. After an individual discovers a sign that leads them to believe that cancerous cells are present within their body, an assessment of a biopsy is the most accurate and common procedure to determine the presence and type of cancer. A biopsy is a process in which a small sample of body tissue is removed and examined by an expert. These processes of detection lead to the declaration of cancer type and viable treatment plans.
Treatment is often individualized to the unique situation present within the affected patient to create a more
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