Cardiovascular Surgery And The Endocrine Surgery Unit ( Esu )

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Between July 2010 and January 2013, a total numbers of 37 consecutive morbidly obese patients were included in the study. All patients were treated by Endocrine Surgery Team in the Endocrine Surgery Unit (ESU), Mansoura University Hospitals. The Inclusion criteria were (1) MO patients with BMI greater than 40 kg/m2 or between 40 and 35 kg/ m2 with comorbidities. (2) Previous failed attempts at losing weight by diet and exercise (3) Cooperative and motivated patient. The Exclusion criteria were (1) Lack of motivation, (2) History of previous Bariatric surgery and (3) Patients unfit for general anesthesia. Males and females were considered for inclusion. All patients provided informed consent for inclusion in the study after explanation of the nature of the procedure and possible complications.The study was approved by Mansoura Faculty of Medicine ethical committee. All patients were subjected to preoperative evaluation including careful history taking regarding age, sex, obesity associated comorbidities, clinical examination including weight by kg, height by meter and body mass index (BMI), body circumferences, blood pressure and laboratory investigations including CBC, blood glucose (fasting and random), HB A1c, lipid profile (serum TG, serum LDL, serum HDL and serum total cholesterol) and liver function tests. In addition to the routine preoperative assessment as for any other major abdominal surgery, the patient may undergo further assessment for pulmonary functions,

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