Care, An Aspect Of Life And Existence Of Our Own Existence

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According to Heidegger, there is an aspect of what he refers to as “care” in Dasein. Care is what makes us concerned with things in the world in which we interact with, as well as the care of interacting with them. It is something that is fundamental to our being in the word because its foundation it is overall something that underlines all of Dasein. Care is what causes it to be apprehensive about our own existence. More specifically, care is what creates the concern for life and existence of everyday things, and what is behind those things that we interact with. Without care, we would simply experience the world passively without any knowing of anything around us. People would go about their days not worrying about their lives and the deeper meanings behind their existence. Care is also something that is correlated with Heidegger’s idea that we, beings, are constantly trying to get towards being. We are trying to get towards our original selves, because that it what we used to be. We were born with knowing of the nature of being, but we lost knowledge of it and we are constantly trying to gain it back. Heidegger claimed that it is care that is responsible for the reason that we are constantly trying to gain the knowledge that we have lost, because it is something that we care deeply about. Care is additionally responsible for taking action on the want by pursuing it. For instance, reading philosophy is an action motivated by care because one of its purposes is
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