Care Delivery and Therapeutic Interventions Essay

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The student has identified a need for service improvement by seeing accidental needle stick injuries in the community. To demonstrate and have an understanding of the process that is involved the student will create a service improvement plan that will reduce the number of needle stick injuries. The student service plan is to introduce a Needle-removal (see Appendix 1). To implement change in a heath care setting, a PDSA concept will be used. Langley developed the PDSA cycle to describe the importance’s that the change and the developing of these crucial changes which will hopefully help lead to the improvements (Langley et al., 2009) (see appendix 2) for details. The National Health Service use PDSA and will implement the necessary…show more content…
In the planning stage it helps to lay out goals for what is intended to be improved. It will set out what the needle cutters focus will be improvements for the service and safety. The planning includes the contact with the suppliers of the needle cutters to make sure that the materials they use will meet the goal of the community setting. The Quality Improvement Program is reviewed and approved by the Medical Advisory Council and the Board of Directors annually. The National Health Minister, Lord Darzi supports the ideas of the changes to the NHS and he was also the lead in the review of the NHS in July 2007. The report subsequently produced and outlined changes for the NHS in order for it to be fair, personal, effective and safe for the public (BMJ, 2008) The reviews were done locally by medical staff in each region of the UK, which had brought about the development of the models of care in each region so that the NHS would be up to standard and can meet the changing needs (Darzi,2008) In order for the PDSA service Improvement to be applied there are a number of stages required before it can be implemented. Langley states that at the planning stage the proposed service for improvement will need to be thought out carefully (Wright, 2004) Firstly a community nurse setting would be used to pilot the test to find out if these changes help reduce needle stick injuries on a small scale. This will cause less disruption
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