Care For Alzheimer Patient Essay

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Care for an Alzheimer Patient Introduction Alzheimer is a dangerous disease that mostly affects the brain. Alzheimer disease associates itself with a set of symptoms including memory loss as well as talking and thinking challenges. These side effects happen when harm occurs in the cerebrum. The decision to pick between a nursing home care and assisted living for a close person who requires special help is a troublesome dilemma that face numerous families who have Alzheimer patients. Families are often feel poorly prepared to settle on the right choice. The research aims at helping families by looking at the advantages and shortcomings of every sort of consideration. The reason is that before making a decision on that topic, it is important…show more content…
Personal experiences are the most suitable for finding the implications that people place on the occasions, procedures, and structures of their lives and their discernments, presuppositions, and assumptions. There are various conditions necessary for a qualitative study. These include the questions about individuals' encounters and an investigation into the implications people make of their encounters. The contemplations of a man with regards to their social or interpersonal environment is also an important condition. Lastly, it needs an examination where it is hard to build up a traditional instrument because of the lack of understanding of the phenomenon. When collecting data about the individual experiences, the research shall require someone to make personal visits to an assisted living home. Visits are planned to a nursing care facility as well. When gathering information, the best method is using a questionnaire. It is most likely the best technique to collect data when the sample populace spreads over a substantial domain. It allows to save time and money and to reach people in the most remote parts of the world. It can cover a substantial gathering in the
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