Care For Someone Medically Care

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To care for someone medically is to care for them in an intensely intimate way. Physicians are given access to the most personal information about a person and allowed to attend the most meaningful moments of their life: their birth, their death, the birth of their children, the moment they learn their life now has a quickly approaching expiration date. Physicians have the ability to affect a person’s life and increase their potential in ways that no one else can. I got a taste of this while I was in Peru for a month this summer, when we planned and executed health campaigns in rural, isolated villages in the Andes. We would drive for a couple of hours on winding dirt roads to villages up the mountains from Huancayo, the city where we were staying. We went on market days and set up stations in their village squares to measure pulse, respiratory rates, glucose levels, blood pressure and other health stats. As one of the few Spanish-speaking members of our group, I was usually responsible for doing intake and taking medical histories from the attendees. What I thought would be a simple process of filling out a few forms quickly became the most impactful part of my trip. It meant so much to them to have someone care enough to simply listen to their problems, which many of them had been dealing with for years. This showed me how influential a physician could be, in ways far beyond just diagnosing conditions or prescribing treatments. Many of them had been working on farms for
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