Care Of A Confused Client

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Care of a Confused Client

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Assessment of Individual Client Need
Following referral of a confused client for treatment by healthcare professionals, an initial care plan is designed. A care plan is a treatment plan agreed between the confused client and their multidisciplinary team (MDT) to address their mental health issues. It includes an assessment of the client’s health, personal and social care needs ensuring they get the best care. The MDT works with the client to achieve specific goals. The MDT may need to change the care plan depending on client’s state of health (HSE 2016).
A holistic approach to care integrates client’s physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs. It is a whole body approach connecting the body, mind and spirt to enhance the client’s quality of life. The goal is to promote client’s self-esteem and self-care.

Identify Level of Assistance Required by the Client
The level of assistance required by the client varies depending on their level of ability/disability. Some clients require full, partial or just occasional assistance to maintain and enhance their independence. The client is assessed to identify what they can do, can do with assistance and cannot do at all (Gill and Macmillan 2013). Healthcare assistance (HCA’s) should observe and report and only do for the client what they are unable to do themselves. Examples of assistance that may be required include support and time when…
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