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Advanced Nursing Practice I
Genitourinary Care Plan Case

Genitourinary Care Plan
Patient Initials: H.M Age: 60 years old Sex: Male

Subjective Data:

Client Complaints: Decreased Urinary flow, dysuria, nocturia, urinary frequency, low grade fever.
HPI (History of Present Illness): This 60 year old Hispanic male presents at the clinic today with a chief complaint of urinary frequency, decreased urine flow, increased nocturia, slight terminal dysuria and low grade fever. The patient was experiencing these symptoms for the past two years, but they had increased a whole lot more during the last two weeks. Upon assessment, it is noted that the patient has a
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Social/Personal History (occupation, lifestyle—diet, exercise, substance use)
Occupation, lifestyle The patient is married and lives with his wife in a suburban area. They have two children who are in good health who lives with their families. Patient is well established with family and friends as powerful support system; he experienced little stress. He has a master degree in engineer, and making decent money. He has no financial issues, and has great health insurance coverage. He does see his primary health care physician regularly. Patient lacks of knowledge on his health issues despite his high education in engineer. Patient does comply with his medication regimen and does not know the current resources available to him.
Patient believes eating a healthy diet, because his wife prepares most of his food.
Exercise and Substance use Patient feels like he is getting enough exercises. Patient does not smoke or drink, also denies usage of street drugs. Description of Client’s Support System: Patient lives with his wife in a suburban area and has great support system through his friend and family.
Behavioral or Nonverbal Messages: Patient has little stress; because he has great emotional support from his wife and his friends from work. Although, he believe he may have cancer
Client Awareness of Abilities, Disease Process, Health Care Needs: Although the patient is well educated with a master in engineer and has

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