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AO2 – NHS plan 2000 For this unit I need to research the impact of one national policy on care practice and provision. I will be accurately and independently applying an in depth knowledge and understanding to give a comprehension explanation of the impact of one national policy on care practice and provision. The NHS plan 2000 is a health service ‘designed around the patient’ which provides more NHS funding to care practices and provision. This gives people better access and quality care that is up to date for the 21st century. It is built in order to keep peace with the changing society of today. This encourages training to be handled in a more modern way and treatment to be updated. Some of the main points of this…show more content…
Information is always available to the general public (this can be reviews, access to care etc.) This information would come in the form of leaflets, websites, magazine articles etc. [pic] Websites are easily accessible for anyone who has the internet or access to the internet. It is so helpful that someone looking for information can zoom in on the information, click on tabs to change what they want to look at and have external links to send them to different areas of information. The text is written at a nearly basic level with very little academic language so many more people can understand it and this eliminates the factor of indirect discrimination towards those who are less educated. Also, the text is evenly spaced and in different colours so that even people who may be dyslexic or have reading problems or are young. This means that the website caters to as many people as possible through this use of communication and layout. This helps the patients make a well informed decision. These magazine articles are not biased as they are from an outside point of view which gives the reader an objective point of view, this also helps the patients decide what hospital to go to in order to receive their surgery. It

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