Care Review of Baby Peter

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Serious Care Review of Baby Peter: Baby Peter was admitted at the North Middlesex University Hospital on 3rd August 2007 after his mother called for an ambulance to her home address. Peter was admitted as an apparently lifeless body and was pronounced death after 40 minutes in the hospital despite of attempts by both the ambulance and hospital staff to revitalize him. Based on the initial examination of Peter's body, the baby had several marks to his head, bruises in the body, a torn frenum, and a missing tooth. However, a post mortem revealed additional injuries including fractured spine, eight fractured ribs, and a tooth in his colon. Consequently, the short-term cause of Peter's death was explained as a dislocation or fracture of the thoraco-lumbar spine.
Analysis of the Case: According to police investigations, the boyfriend of Peter's mother as well as Mr. L, his girlfriend and children were living at the address at the time of baby Peter's death. Therefore, Peter's mother and her boyfriend as well as Mr. L faced criminal charges regarding their possible role in the death of baby Peter. While a trial that concluded in 2008 exonerated the three individuals of the murder, Peter's mother pleaded guilty to permitting or causing the death of her child. Her boyfriend and Mr. L were also convicted of the same crime with decisions about their sentencing to be made the following year ("Serious Case Review", 2009). During the serious case review initiated by Haringey Local
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