Essay on Care of the Vulnerable Adult

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INTRODUCTION For the purposes of this essay the Elderly Care Scenario has been selected. The aim of this essay is to discuss the concept of vulnerability and why the patient in the Elderly Care Scenario is vulnerable. With reference to the NMC Code, the second part of the essay will discuss how the scenario demonstrates/does not demonstrate professional values and how the staff could have empowered the patient and demonstrated respect and maintained his dignity. The third part then discusses the anti-discriminatory issues within the scenario and how it could be promoted. The final part is a reflection on the assignment and the lessons learnt. THE CONCEPT OF VULNERABILITY The human state of vulnerability is a concept of central concern…show more content…
It has, however, not been stated that the patient’s consent was sought before he was admitted into the mixed sex medical ward which violates Mr Jones right to be fully involved in decisions about his care (NMC Code, 2008). The scenario also states that the nurse tried going through the admission process by asking the patient some questions. This process was carried out in the presence of Mr. Jones daughter. Clearance was never sought from Mr Jones as to whether he was comfortable going through the questioning process in the presence of the daughter which was a violation of Mr Jones’s right to confidentiality (IBID). Also the nurse was spot on when she enquired to know how the patient would like to be addressed. After the patient indicated clearly that he would like to be addressed by his surname the nurse proceeds to respond “alright darling”. The use of the pet name “darling” against the patient’s wish placed the nurse in a position where she run the risk of making the patient feel infantile and did not respect Mr Jones individuality as prescribed in the Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives (IBID). Equally important the nurse indicated that she was in a hurry and unable to sit down, choosing rather to stand while she talks to the patient. What the nurse did not realise was that she had assumed a power stance and had failed to create an environment that was holistic, conducive and

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