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Task A – Plan Outing to The Royal Oak, Preston. PY2 3BH – Sat 11th April, 2015 To all staff/helpers who will be attending, The minibus will arrive to collect everyone approx. 11.00am. The minibus company have been informed of the requirements needed, and have agreed to provide suitable transport, so there should be no problem. There will be 6 individuals, 3 full time staff & 2 helpers/volunteers attending. (11 people in total) Risk assessments have been previously carried out and updated. Before leaving, each individuals care plan must be read to see if they have any special needs to be adhered to such as medication at specific times and if the medication should be taken with food. The journey will take 1 hour, so you will be…show more content…
a stool) move the item and make sure the area is clear and free from obstruction. Stay with them and monitor and note any changes in their condition. (This will help ambulance staff etc.) Contact Manager, then the individual’s family/next of kin can be informed. Follow company policies/procedures and remember to record/document details. Fill out an accident/incident report as soon as possible. Aiii – Principles for safe moving and handling Avoid hazardous manual handling Adhere to the requirements of any risk assessments in place Reporting any problems or difficulties to the Manager, including injuries and accidents Use equipment properly and safely as trained Follow appropriate systems of work and use the equipment provided correctly Take reasonable care to ensure that your actions do not put individuals or others at risk Aiv – Importance of communication with each individual when moving & assisting. Follow the guidelines as explained in care plans, which is important, so you will know what each individual needs and their risk assessment. You communicate to obtain the individual’s consent and ensure they understand why they are being moved and handled in particular ways and how they can usefully co-operate in the procedure. You communicate, so individuals do not get anxious or worried, and you can listen to their concerns. Active Support encourages individuals to do as much for

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