Career Advancement Planner And How It Can Help Both The Human Resource Department

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Career Advancement Planner 2

Career Advancement Planner
Michelle Kinyungu
December 14, 2015
GM 500: Management Theories and Practices
Professor Giddings

Career Advancement Planner

The purpose of this document is to highlight the importance of Career Advancement Planner and how it can help both the human resource department as well as the applicant to be a better fit for the organization. Measures are described by which applicant can improve the personal CAP, in order to integrate with the industry and market his/her skill set for the desired job profile.
I intend to learn and identify the significance of having a career advancement planner that will acquire the knowledge that is needed to have soft skills in the 21st century workplace. The value of infusing the human skills (soft skills) and my career planner is required to advance in corporate America. I will address the why and the how benefits of using the career advancement planner, the use of my personal career advancement planner.

In most of the organizations, HR team doesn?t design the job on the basis of team, though they interact with different functional departments in order to understand the job requirement and then after starts the hiring and recruiting process. Studies done by Deepa and Seth suggest that most of the competencies are related to the soft skills, that different teams are look for, but during the interaction, departments call for hard skills. In such…
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