Career Advancement Within The Investment Management Industry

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. Have you ever thought about your next career move and what it will take to accomplish it? I have, and after careful research I have learned of various options and possibilities to further advance my own career. Achieving career advancement within the investment management industry requires a vast array of skills that can be obtained through continued professional development. Growth within investment management can be achieved in various ways but starts with the foundation. What is investment management and what is the foundation? Essentially, investment management is a division of wealth management which refers to the buying, selling, and managing of investments within a portfolio. The foundation is the necessities you need to buy and sell these investments. To buy and sell you are required to obtain your series 7, 66, and state insurances licenses. While these are not required to work in investment management industry they are required if you want to grow within the industry. Most people start out as assistants or associates to investment managers or financial consultants where these licenses are not required. However, to move up within the industry these are the requirements. The series 7 is a general securities exam offered by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). ”The series 7 assess the competency of an entry-level registered representative to perform his or her job as a registered representative. The exam measures the degree to which each
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