Career And College Research Paper

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Career and College Research Paper
I decided to go with a career in astronomy. An astronomer is a scientist who tries to understand the wonders of the Universe as well the wonders beyond our universe. Astronomers also study the stars, planets, and other galaxies (“Careers in Astronomy | IAU”). I chose a career in astronomy because I have always been fascinated by space and how the universe works. It is extremely important to understand education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, the salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making the decision. The job location for astronomers depends greatly on if the astronomer in question works for a private industry, the government, a college, or a government supported institution. Almost one-third of astronomers work for the government or government supported institutions. The remainder of astronomers work either in a private industry on some type of space-related projects, in science centers, at planetariums, or in some other type of educational and public outreach efforts (Strobel). Although astronomers spend a lot of time away from home and their families, they mostly work in an office like environment. Astronomers work full time, but since they are more than likely observing something in space, they might have to work during the night so the sun does not interfere with their observations (“Occupational Outlook Handbook - Physicists and Astronomers”). Anyone who is interested in…

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