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Career and College Research Paper A veterinary career is not a goal easily met, nor quickly met; but I know few people can say they love what they do, and the hurdles I will have to face are worth getting to be one of those people. Veterinarians come into work everyday, whether that be a clinic, farm, or lab, treating and diagnosing medical conditions in animals. Depending on the type of veterinarian, this can range from household pets to exotic or endangered species. This is something I have imagined working towards since I was able to comprehend what a career was, and I have only gotten more determined. However, there are several aspects I could have not been aware of; through research, I have gained a better understanding of this career and the tedious road to achieving it, as well as the rewards; and there still is not anything I would rather pursue. Due to the diversity in their needs and the variations of species all around the world, this career can take veterinarians anywhere. However, environment of the job is entirely dependant upon what animals you choose to work with. Generally, veterinarians (vets) choose to work in private clinics or hospitals, which normally includes treating pets. This is the type of vet most commonly referred to. Be that as it may, this also makes this type the most difficult to get into. Alternative types have a slightly different environment, but a more desirable job market. (Summary). Vets who treat horses and livestock often…

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