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Career and College Research Paper In my adult life, the ideal career for me would be an Aircraft Mechanic. An aircraft mechanic undergoes the work of scheduled maintenance on immense aircraft to make them perform and fly safely. In accordance with technical order standards set by the U.S. Air force. I chose this career for several reasons. My father has done this since he was 18 and it is an interesting and challenging career choice. An aircraft mechanic can be employed at a number of bases around the world. I would like to stay close to home and work at Tinker Air force Base. There are several different options in this career for work environments; including flight line maintenance, which is outdoors in the elements, or in dock maintenance, which is in a capacious aircraft hangar or controlled environment. At some bases there are three shifts of maintenance; day shift (7AM-3:30PM), swing shift (3PM-11:30PM), graveyard shift (11PM-7:30AM). I would prefer to work day shift to keep a more normal hour work habit. In the aircraft maintenance world, duties include, but are not limited to; the removal and installation of aircraft components and associated parts, troubleshooting aircraft systems, reading and following aircraft technical manuals, configuring weight and balance of aircraft, refueling and defueling aircraft, identifying aircraft components and illustrated parts breakdown and placing required parts on order, launching and recovering

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