Career And Interest Self Assessment Results

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I. Career and Interest Self-assessment Results
This self-assessment test was something that narrowed down possible interest and helped the participants open their mind to new careers. In-fact when I finished my test I was able to view the different careers that feel in my interest category. Taking a survey and calculating the different likes each field had accumulated determined my test outcome. After gathering the likes that had accumulated I was able to determine which inventory category was strongest. My top inventory was conventional which states, I am one who likes to follow set rules and procedures, and prefers detail and clear lines of authority (Self-Assessment, n.d.). My second strongest inventory category was Social, which states, I like work activities that promote learning and development (Self-Assessment, n.d.). Not only did I learn what my strongest inventory was I also had the ability to learn which jobs fell under those categories. Out of each category within the level 5-education requirement, I had one job that stood out over the others; category one conventional had Math Professor. This job is something that would be interesting, but I am not sure if I would want this job as a career. The social category had one job that also caught my eye, health educator. After all the research and looking at each one of the categories and the possible job opportunities I have come to the realization that the test are estimates. I personally do not think I would want to…
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