Career And Leadership Goals : Becoming A Building Principal Essay

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Career and Leadership Goals The ultimate career position I am pursuing is to become a Building Principal. When I first started teaching, being a principal was not something that I desired to be. I loved watching the “light bulb” go off for students that finally got it. I also loved changing the lives of those that was entrusted in my care while at school. I have always believed being a principal was a huge responsibility. Its takes a special person to take time out of their life to do the work that is necessary to become a principal; be responsible for helping to change so many precious lives by making sure the students get the best education possible to be productive members in society. After many years in the classroom and several as a facilitator, there were many situations that I have observed and or been a part of that did not make me happy I found myself saying what I would have said or done if I was the principal of the school. My heart began to break for those students that were in classes with teachers that did not seem to really care about whether or not the students actually got it but more so doing the bare minimum to say that the skill had been taught. I saw children struggle. I saw children and parents with hurt feelings and then angered by the way a teacher had treated or talked to them. I even saw some teachers that just did not care. I wanted that to change. For years I put off going back to school. I got my Masters in Education right after I
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