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Career and Leadership Goals Completing my twenty-sixth year as a building administrator has been the ultimate career position that I have encountered and experienced in my educational endeavors past or present. I began teaching in 1979 at the first grade level and taught for ten years at the elementary level. I later sought to get my masters in Reading due to the fact that it was such an important subject for young children. During this time I began realizing that I would love to be an elementary principal. I had taught under several different principals and I saw the strong and weak in each of them. My goal was to become a productive leader by helping teachers broaden their educational expertise and producing a strong learning environment for the students attending my school. I spent the first twenty five years at a small rural school in Lawrence County named Black Rock Elementary. The last two years have been at Walnut Ridge Elementary within the same district. Both schools have been a positive experience. The remainder of my time will be at this school for the next three to four years at which time I plan to retire. The ultimate career goal at this time will be to teach at a small college. The steps I have taken to make this career change have been through my educational accomplishments for the past five or six years. I have taken many courses in various majors so that I would have a well-rounded educational background to teach any subject that I
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