Career And Personal Experience Receiving Therapeutic Counseling

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Professional experience in my career and personal experience receiving therapeutic counseling has given me a broad-based set of beliefs about what motivates individuals. I have determined that each individual comes with a unique context and narrative and that my role is to facilitate a client’s self-determination and decision-making by developing a positive relationship that allows the client freedom to take risks or make informed choices. Also, I believe that the counselor creates the trusting relationship where poor choices and failed attempts to meet goals can be explored and utilized by the client to move forward with lessons learned. It is difficult for me to choose a theory or two as I believe I have been influenced over many years by many different schools of thought. Much of my career prior to working as a case coordinator in the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, was at Job Corps working with disadvantaged youth. Training for staff at Job Corps focused on motivating youth and particularly on youth at risk, so there was an element that took from counseling theory within that training. For example, one training and philosophy at Job Corps was described with the following terms: rigor + relevance + relationship = results. I still adhere to the concepts of rigor (rapid engagement), relevance (selecting appropriate action steps or methods), relationships (the relationship between professional and client must be a healthy one and other supportive,
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