Career As An Individual Phenomenon

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Whilst a great body of careers theory literature leans towards “career as an individual phenomenon” (Schneidhofer, Latzke & Mayrhofer, 2015), careers cannot be isolated from other factors. Grandjean (1981, p.1057) places careers at “the intersection of societal history and individual biography”. Changes in context do impact on careers, however, the extent to which they do so in isolation is difficult to measure. Context has an important part to play, offering careers “a set of external structures and events that create opportunities and difficulties” (Inkson, Dries & Arnold, 2015). Changes in context are inexplicably driven by the forward motion of time. It has been argued that individual reaction to such changes facilitates career…show more content…
In recent years digital globalisation has had a significant influence in the way in which individuals and organisations work. Virtual working and crowdsourcing will be examined as examples of contemporary practices and ideas will be supported by empirical evidence from the last ten years. (Examples from 2008 onwards will be used where possible given impact of the financial crash and relevance to the current labour market). The argument will then progress to discuss the broader implications to career patterns reviewing the traditional organisational career model and more contemporary concepts.

It is my opinion that changes in context do impact careers significantly in positive and negative ways. Digital globalisation has improved world communication and increased geographical reach. However it has the possibility to lead to “explotation” and “dehumanisation” (Kittur, Nickerson, Bernstein and Gerber, 2013) and the devaluation of skills. The consequences of changes in context on careers are not exclusively contextual. Individuals, and their responses to such changes, also exert influence. Careers evolve. Traditional careers are not obsolete - replaced by contemporary models, rather they co-exit.

The following section will examine why the impact of changes in context on careers is difficult to measure in order to give the reader a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

Examining the impact of changes in
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