Career : Business And Advertising

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Career: Business and Advertising is a career that leads to many different opportunities in the future. Advertising is attracting public attention to your business through selling products or certain services. Media is a popular form of advertising considering the audience is much bigger and easy to spread; other forms included broadcasts and printed advertisements. The basis of advertising and business is closely related to public relations and marketing.
My Interest: My interest in this career derives from knowing I want to go into the field of business and it would not hurt to learn about business as it will be applied to any career path I choose in the future. I have always been creative in wanting to create things.Advertising is a great career path to go into as creativity is a necessity because it is important that the public is attracted to your advertisement in order to sell that specific product or service. Advertisement, including background knowledge of business, gives me the creative job that will entertain and constantly challenge me, rather than being stuck behind a desk the rest of my life.

Preparation: “Typical education needed for entry: Bachelor’s degree” (careeronestop).
Education in advertising is very important because it teaches how to push the boundaries of creativity. Education in business is also very important because obtaining a successful career will be much easier if you have knowledge of how the business world works. There are many…
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