Career Choice As A Management Consultant

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This report will be based on my career option, which will be the career choice as a Management Consultant. After starting my designated Management degree I started to read about and take an interest in the career path as Management Consultant, I am more interested in the Strategy side to the role, as there are many different types of Management Consultants. I mostly read about the role online and I would also talk to my cousin who is a Management consultant for Ernst & Young. I shall compare management consulting to strategy consulting within the report. A Management Consultant is a consultant that is employed to resolves issues within a company and to maximize profits and to create more value within the firm. As a Management Consultant you do not to the same type of job that often, the consultant usually spends up to 6 months within a company and then moves on to another firm, which will have different issues, compared to the previous firm and at the end of working for the firm you have to write a full report on any recommendations.

Job Description

The definition of a Management Consultant role is to “use their business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking” (Prospects: 2015). As mentioned in the introduction, the consultants are brought in to resolve issues and maximise profits. Most consultants’ start off in a junior position, they then provided with training when they start
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