Career Choice For Becoming A Finance Manager

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Career Choice: Aspiring to Become a Finance Manager Introduction Choosing a long term career is an essential life decision. Therefore, I have concluded that my five-year objective consists of obtaining my degree as well as pursuing a career in Management within the Finance industry. With 15 years of finance experience achieved it makes considerable sense to continue my pursuit within this industry. This provides a significant amount of available career options. Career options include management of a small department within Finance such as Payables, Receivables, or Tax. Additionally, managing on an executive level is composed of positions such as Company Controller, Director of Finance, as well as Chief Financial Officer. Finance managers act as the responsible party for the financial health of an organization. As a Finance Manager, it is a requirement to develop as well as motivate staff. Financial managers require an in-depth working knowledge of the entire financial industry. The Finance manager plays a crucial role in how the organization functions collectively. I will benefit from the information in this thesis by using it to encourage me in making an appropriate career choice for my future. The role of a Finance Manager A Finance Manager acts as an individual who is responsible for the financial health of an organization. Conceivably, there are various positions to consider when describing the role of a Finance Manager. These positions include such
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