Career Choice Of A Medical Worker

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Career Choice
An anesthesiologist is typically known as the forgotten hero. These heros deliver anesthetics to patients who undergo surgery. Since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to follow my mom’s footsteps in the medical field. My mom has consistently told me stories about working in the emergency room, and the incredible things that happen behind the scenes of a medical worker. Recently, I have volunteered my time to the Cleveland Clinic hospital in assisting patients with comfort and attention. Seeing the smile on someone’s face is a reward in itself, and giving to others is something I plan on continuing in my future, and hopefully career. I’ve always had an interest in anesthetics and how they work. An anesthesiologist, in my eyes, is someone who relieves the pain and puts a smile on someone’s face. While a surgeon may fix the problem, an anesthesiologist makes it better; something I would like to contribute to others in the mere future.
Project Expectations I believe this career involves the use of anesthetics to benefit the patient undergoing trauma or extensive surgery. The use of anesthetics will relieve pain of the patient and will improve the recovery process for both the patient and the body part injured. I anticipate to learn the background of anesthesiology because many people do not know that such a profession exists. By researching about anesthesiology, I intend to learn the role of an anesthesiologist in the operating room, as well as…
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