Career Choices Are A Reflection On An Individual’S Personality

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Career choices are a reflection on an individual’s personality type. It is believed to be reinforced and rewarded by the individual’s academic environment. The theorist, I will discuss in this paper is John Holland theory. Holland’s theory provides a framework that is congruent to one’s personality type. Many personalities are influenced by their environment, which in terms dictates the type of career they choose. The primary purpose of Holland’s theory is for individuals to look for opportunities to enhance and utilize their abilities according to their personality type. In the finding of research on Holland’s theory and career counseling development it provided information on the relationship between personality types and career…show more content…
Social personality types are people who are helpers. They love helping and interacting with others. They are seen as counselors or teachers. Enterprising personality types are people who value leadership and entrepreneurship. They seem themselves as self-confident, sociable, political, economic achiever. Research has shown that the environment is another component of Holland’s theory. According to Holland (1997) there are six model environments that are accompanied by the six personality types. The two reinforce and reward the personality types. The environment suggests the people who are realistic are rewarded with money, power, and tangible possessions. Meanwhile, investigative environment are characterized by analytical and intellectual activities, and members are rewarded for displaying skepticism, persistence, and problem solving. However, artistic environment are characterized by creativity and a lack of structure. People in the category are rewarded for artistic, literary, and musical accomplishment. Moreover, social environment are characterized by working with others and rewarded for sociability and humanitarianism. Nevertheless, enterprising environments are focused on leadership; they are rewarded for displays of leadership and self-confidence. Finally, conventional environments emphasize attaining personal and organizational goals through predictable and specific standards. These environments reward members for conformity and dependability.

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