Career Choices : Business Administration, Business Manager, And Director Of Human Resources

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ABSTRACT In my research paper I would be explaining in detail the research I found about my three career choices which were Business Administration, Business Management, and Director of Human Resources. While reading my research paper you will find out a lot of important information about each of these career choices such as the salary, education background you need for these careers, job duties, the rankings of these careers, and the use of technology in these careers, and the comparison and contrast of these career choices. My major is business which consists of a lot of office work and skills. The three career choices I chose that I would like to have a career in is being a business administrator, business manager, or…show more content…
for your employer. Business administration is a broad career field because you can do anything and get a job anywhere with a degree in this field. In the career field of business administration it consist of a lot of office assisting and knowing a lot of office skills such as computer skills, filing, printing, copying, and etc. In this career field you need to be able to multi-task be able to perform all of the office job skills in order to have a successful career in business administration. Business administration is a very complex job with many job duties and skills needed to be able have a career in this business field. While I was doing my research on business administration I found out a lot of important information on this career like the specific job duties that this career partakes, the education background you need to be able to have a career in this field, and I also found out about the salary on how much an business administrator makes. In the career field of business administration they make the job easier for the people who are above them because they do all of the work and basic of the work so the people that they assist don’t have to worry about doing those certain tasks so they can just focus on the major tasks. Business Administrators are there to assist and to help make things run
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