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Economics is the term used to describe the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. In addition, economics is the study of scarcity, Our economy is important because it gives us an opportunity to understand better, how business, society, and the world are doing overall financially. Our economy as it stands now is barely standing. The government is in debt by trillions, and furthermore, This means an increased competitive job market. However, one needs to consider many different factors when choosing a career to give them the best chance of being happy and fulfilled. People need to ask themselves, will the job fit my personality? Will I have to travel or relocate? Can I physically do it, and what is the …show more content…
One career that sounds interesting is the field of psychology. Psychology is the science that studies the physiological and cognitive processes that underlie behavior, and it is the profession that applies the accumulated knowledge of this science to practical problems. The American Psychological Association was founded in 1892 with twenty-six members. Since then the APA has acquired With such an increase of popularity, psychology has become theoretically diverse, meaning there are many beliefs and view points applied to psychology. As a result from that, produces the various branches of which to choose a career. Clinical psychology deals with the diagnose and treatment of psychological disorders, and applied psychology deals with everyday practical problems, such as trends in advertising, fashion, or even the stock market. Out of these two categories comes many other professional specialties and research areas such as developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, or educational psychology just to name a few. On your journey to psychological education, it is important to learn as much as you can in as little time possible in order to build experience in the field quickly (Grohol). A bachelors degree can be achieved after four years of graduate study, and a masters can be achieved after five (Grohol). A doctor of philosophy degree, which is the highest level in the liberal arts, takes additional study and requires a given amount of experience in the

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