Career Counseling Is Crucial For College Students

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Career counseling is crucial for college students as they prepare for the real world. I have not been certified as a career counselor, but many aspects of my job require these types of conversations with my students. As a requirement for the career counseling class, I interviewed two student workers at the University of Cincinnati about their career aspirations and provided advice to help their success. The first student I interviewed had recently graduated college in May and was applying for teaching positions across Cincinnati. When assessing the student situation, the first step in the conversation was to gauge his level of career readiness. He shared his limited experience with career preparation and did not feel comfortable with the…show more content…
The student was receptive to the feedback and selected a few close professionals in the field to look over his resume. Together, we set up an appointment with the career center so he can practice interviewing and be fully prepared for his next one. To further understand the student’s career development, I administered the Locus of Control Assessment. The assessment was created by Nowicki and Strickland in 1973 to determine if a person’s perception is more internal or external. There are three possible results: low, average, and high. People in the low category teen to have an internal locus of control as they see themselves being responsible for everything in life. Average respondents see themselves partially in control of their lives, but the level of control may vary in different aspects. For example, they may feel in control of their work like, but have not control over their social life. Finally, high respondents see life as a game of chance, with almost no sense of self-responsibility. The student scored at 10, putting him in low in the average category. When asked if he thought it was accurate, he thought most of the things in his life he could control. Relating specifically to teaching, he said the classroom environment and the lessons were under his control, but the attitude of the students and regulations from the administration were out of his control. I thought this was a great example for
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