Career Details of Jose River

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After his completion of CIMA (Certified Investment Manager Analysis) obtained from Pace University and Certified Wealth Advisor program through AIMCA at the
University of Chicago graduate School of Business and executive Education. Jose among his many accomplishments has been attending the CPM (certified portfolio manager designation) program at Columbia University.

Upon completion of the program Jose has also had the opportunity to attend courses of study which have enabled him to become a more active member in his social and business work. The CPM program allowed Jose to explore his many talents acquired throughout his life. 200 hundred hours of independent study and a two week long residential program have equipped Jose to continue his current career as a senior member of JMR Wealth Management Group. With a CPM certificate in the works Jose has been able to expand his career.
Upon completion of the program Jose will be able to use the knowledge of asset management, hedge fund management, risk management cooperate finance, fixed income analysis
, and foreign policy.

During his role as a trustee for the Morgan Stanley Foundation, Jose was able to use the investment and financial knowledge obtained through the classes at Columbia University to manage the investment fund and policy for the organization.
Though his most recent accomplishments have been obtaining his CPM
Jose is no stranger to continuing his education. He continues to further his education with
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