Career Development And Planning Serves Five Essential Purpose

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After discussing future’s plan with Amanda, she discussed her future plans of becoming Human Resources Director in ten years. Career development and planning serves five essential purpose: encourage, develop new skills, alleviate plateauing, satisfy employment, and increase employment. My ultimate goal when developing a model a career planning for Amanda, I would want to use the Waterloo University Model. I would want to model each essential factors of the key points stages. These stages include Self Assessments Personality, Values, Skills, Interests, Knowledge and learning, and Entrepreneurism Research Career Trends, Information Search, Information Interview, job shadowing, gaining experience Decision Making Career Objective,…show more content…
My main goal for Amanda as a manager would begin Amanda career off with a good mentorship. The mentor program would involve a three tier mentorship, this mentorship would involve three employees from different points of careers(early career employees, Mid- career employees , senior - career employees. This mentorship would allow Amanda develop a broader set of skills, an awareness of what is expected in advance positions. This mentorship will also an assistant in the task of indirect and direct learning. Before reaching her five-year employment milestone of Amanda employer should be actively working towards achieving Amanda’s Associate Safety Professional certification. Assessing the importance of this certification into the Amanda Career Development plan is very beneficial to gaining the need experience and knowledge Amanda will need for her first career advancement. The Associate Safety Professional certification is the first step in beginning the process of achieving the CSP Certification. This certification will be a wise decision for Amanda career development because Amanda already has the certifications requirement. The certification will allow Amanda to advise, assess and control safety duties of a company by extending her the knowledge of evaluating risk and hazard control measure and the preparation emergency response plans for a company. The certification requirements are Will have a minimum of a U.S. Bachelor’s degree in any field or
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