Career Development : Career Planning And Development

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Career Development Opportunities in the organization

Career planning and development interventions are an important tool in development and retaining an effective workforce (Cummings, ‎ Worley ,2009) Career Development opportunities were mostly thought to be biased towards the male employees in the company as indicated in organization hierarchy which had no female representation at all in the Board of Management at all which comprised of ten male members.The board committee however had one female as a secretary which further depicts that female population was not in the leadership position and was thought to be more useful for support roles rather than managerial role.Moreover , the Management Team was no different than the other two senior management categories with no female representation at all.There were a few female Managers in the Human Resource Department and Customer Services because they are thought to be associated with people having good communication skills and soft skills along with no tactical decision making involved and no long working hours linked with it generally.

Uzma , one of the interviewee from the customer care department states that , “most of women in the organization are working in the customer facing roles to benefit the organization with very bleak chances of being promoted to leadership and higher management positions.
On inquiring what she thought was the reason behind behind this pattern she exclaims , “ ummm I think , the female…

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