Career Development

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When goal setting, you can sit on the sideline or you can play in the game. I personally prefer to play in the game. That is what goal setting allows us to do. It enables us to create our life instead of letting life be something that just happens to us. Career interest continually changes in a person 's life. By defining my career objective, possible career objectives for my future, taking an inventory in my current career attributes, and identifying what makes me happy and barriers to reaching my career goals, I will develop a five-year career development plan. When I was younger, I measured my success by how much money I made. More recently, I measure my success by a balance between my work life and the amount of quality family time…show more content…
One of my goals now, is to obtain the needed education and knowledge to be a great manager. I am currently observing my own strengths and weaknesses to be more efficient in my career. There are fifty associates that directly report to me and their busiest days are on the weekend. I am learning that I need to empower them to make some of their own decisions and many are in need of additional training. However, because I am only as successful as the weakest sales associate on my team, I must tune my personnel skills and educate myself further, so I am properly able to lead my team, allowing no weak link to be found in the team I lead. Therefore, successful staffing, training, motivating and monitoring are the short term goals I have set for my self. An alternative to my current career choice is to become the Director of Sales and it seems to be within my reach. However, for me the most important goal I have currently set is to have a greater balance between my family and my career. I have taken on a huge responsibility and walked into a changing real estate market. Therefore, in review of my current career goals, time constraints seem to be the largest obstacle I must currently overcome. Whereas other barriers I face are the growing needs of my family as my children grow up and the never ending struggle to spend more time at home with them and my husband. I am still observing, but now I am observing upper management and how much of their time is spent on work. I
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