Career Development Of A Manager Mentors

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Summary: There are five areas in which a manager mentors their employees to assist in the long-term career development. These areas are performance, reputation and credibility, relationships, visibility, and conflict resolution. Every employee that desires to have a successful long-term career, they need to acquire and develop these five (5) areas. Performance is the necessarily that everyone employee to have but it is not enough for long-term success. Performance is the required skills to complete the everyday task that are assigned to an employee. Performance is divided into three categories; capability, willingness and cross-cultural misunderstandings, so mentors need to advise employees how to achieve their goals. Capability when an…show more content…
Relationship within the workplace and the quality of those relationships is important to career success. Relationships allow every employee to participate and combine their skills and talents to help each other succeed. This will in turn, pulls all resources together for a successful team. Mentoring employees on developing good relationships with each other helps the supervisor to realize employee conflict when they are small and easier to solve. If a small problem is allowed to continue it can lead to bigger problems. Visibility a key factor in mentoring an employee. An employee’s visibility is easier if that employee is seen as a good performer and has a good reputation and credibility. There are key things mentors need to train an employee to do in order to increase his or her visibility at work. Simple ways to increase visibility is to speak up at meetings, ask to do projects, and participate in learning opportunities. This will allow an employee more opportunities to become more visible to managers. Conflict resolution is an essential skill that every employee must acquire. Employees are going to have disagreements and conflicts, but with the correct skills they will know how to resolve them or at least set them aside during working hours. A good manger mentor when know when he or she must step in to help deescalate a
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