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Career Development Plan The fundamental role of any aspiring professional is the development of a distinctive career plan. Although the development of a career plan may seem simple but it does require careful thoughtful planning and effort. Determining career goals and objectives, allows for the assessment of current skills, talents, and the realistic ability to attain the predetermined goals at the end of the plan. The goals determined in a career plan should be achievable and considered the starting point of any achievable plan. As a graduate student, it would be imperative to begin to develop a career plan that includes an assessment of my skills and abilities. My personal goals may include to become a nursing leader in my community. My educational goals include to have a doctorate degree in nursing. Last, professionally my goal is to aspire a highly position in my nursing career. Through the development of this Career Development Plan would allow for a clear direction in attaining my personal, educational, and professional goals. A Description of Current Position Currently, I work as a nursing instructor, teaching at a local educational institute in the practical nurse program. This practical nursing program is designed as an intensive accelerated program with each class lasting approximately ten weeks per term. I do not teach a specific subject matter in the program. Depending on the term, I might teach Fundamental of Nursing and lab simulation, Medical-Surgery and

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