Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan Summary
August 16, 2010

Abstract Career development plans are essential within a successful organization. Career plans allows the organization to both actively manage employee career progression, but also empower the organizations employees with active career management assets. Kudler Fine Foods to maintain sustainable growth and additional success must make an investment in the organizations employees to reach the organizations strategic goals, and objectives. The following summary contains justifications and recommendations to Kudler’s upper management in several key areas including; job descriptions and qualifications for five new positions, training programs to introduce and enhance the skills and
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The store manager is responsible for providing accurate and effective guidance to the store’s employees. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, and a minimum of five years of retail or industry related management experience. * Account Manager: Responsible for managing Kudler’s accounts, and subsequent reporting to authorized, and necessary organizational employees. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in finance, and related experience. * Stock Manager: Responsible for management of store locations stock, the development, and management of supplier and business relationships, accurately and efficient communication to store management of stock levels, issues, and pertinent information. Qualifications include an associate’s degree, and a minimum of three years related experience * Customer Service Executive: Responsible for customer relations, ensuring efficient management of customer feedback, comments, ensuring employees are provided with accurate, effective stock and merchandise information, and effective salesmanship proficiencies. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree and related experience. * Sales & Marketing Manager: Responsible for the management of sales and marketing of assigned Kudler store or stores. Qualifications a bachelor’s degree in the field of marketing, and

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