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Career Development Plan Part II Training & Mentoring Program Leon Stovall University of Phoenix MEMORANDUM FOR CEO InterClean Inc. FROM: Sales Manager SUBJECT: Sales Team Training & Mentoring Plan As a result of the recent selection of our new sales team, I have created a training and mentoring plan. I have attached to this memo a training plan which outlines topics such as, new training and mentoring needs, objectives of the program, performance standards, delivery methods, content, time frames for training, evaluation methods, feedback, and remedial training. Please review this memo and attached plan, and provide any necessary input. If you have any questions you may contact me at tel: 505-463-9714 or email at:…show more content…
* Lists available training courses, identifies sources of the training, and provides the training methods. Objectives of the training and mentoring program. The objectives of InterClean’s training program are clear and concise and include the following: * Relay information that is useful in building a solid sales technique and improve upon the overall sales percentage of the member. * Interject valuable customer service techniques that will provide sales team members a way to ensure customers return after sales are closed. * Ensure sales team members are confident in their abilities and stay current with the products, services, existing and future clients, the latest sales techniques, and technology through initial, remedial, and recurring training. * Provide specific training for the different levels of the sales team i.e. new hires, experienced members, and management. Performance Standards. InterClean sales team training performance standards are based on the following criteria: * New hires performance will be based on a go/no go standard. This standard will be applied to initial training in which the student will either pass or fail the course. Course delivery methods are discussed in later sections of this plan and detail course content. * Experienced sales team members will are required to maintain recurring training and will be evaluated based on closed

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