Career Development Plan Part I- Job Analysis and Selection

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InterClean, Inc.
To: Sales Supervisory Team and human resources department
From: KC Sales Manager
Date: August 24, 2009
Re: Career Development Plan Part I- Job Analysis and Selection
Now that InterClean, Inc. has merged with EnviroTech some changes in the structure of the company are going to be made. The company will no longer sell only cleaning products but will also provide full-service cleaning solutions for organizations in the healthcare industry. A new sales team that will be using a specialized development plan to help the team succeed with the company’s new strategy. The specialized development plan will be known as the Career Development Plan. The plan will be in four stages. The first stage that will be discussed
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A few of the job duties that the sales team will have to do is meet a monthly quota and help generate leads for the company. The sales team will have to maintain accurate records of the sales and prospective leads by performing sales calls, possibly presentations, and follow-up activities. Another duty the sales team needs to be able to perform would be to follow all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes and ensure everything is communicated and implemented within the team and the rest of the company. Another duty that the sales team needs to be able to do is have an understanding of the products being sold by the company. Each person on the sales team needs to find unique and different ways to contribute to the educational and training programs that will be offered to the company’s clients, potential clients, and the company employees. In order for anyone to be considered for the sales team, potential candidates need to have at least these specifications. The candidate needs to have some kind of sales background. The candidate must also have a customer service background that includes good rapport with the customer, marketing dynamics to help generate and close the sale, and be able to adapt quickly and communicate on the customer’s level. Another important specification for the sales team is having computer skills and software knowledge. The

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