Career Development Plan Summary

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Career Development Plan Summary HRM/531 October 9, 2010 Patricia Neu

Introduction To improve the development of Kudler Fine Foods it is important to implement a business strategy to increase loyalty and profitability from our customers. Increase Kudler workforce is one way to achieve our objectives. The increase workforce will help Kudler focus on customer programs to expand Kudler store service, better target awareness, frequent shopper programs, increase efficient supply chain, and administration. To execute the new Kudler business strategy it is also important to recruit, train, monitor performance of the new employees, create incentives through market value compensation, and create career development plans
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The final new position created will be Promotions Coordinator. The Promotions Coordinator will be an entry-level marketing position that will use the data from the frequent shopper program as well as the contact database from the cooking classes and wine appreciation classes to drive marketing promotions. The key responsibilities will be:
1. Create a promotional calendar to drive profitability during peak buying seasons by promoting high-profit items to frequent shoppers.
2. Create a promotional calendar to drive increased sales revenue during off-peak seasons by marketing to high-income zip codes to recruit more customers.
3. Create promotions for products to attendees at cooking and wine appreciation classes.
4. Create promotions for catering services to the existing customer base.
With the creation of these five job roles, Kudler will be in a position to accomplish the organizational strategy. This team will help promote new customer programs to help expand services, better information management through a frequent shopper program, targeted information awareness building, and increased efficiency in administration and supply chain management.

Training Program With the newly developed team structure, the marketing and services team at Kudler require strong training program. The new positions will require significant training to ensure the strongest value to our
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